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C’est prenant, énorme, sidérant, comique et tragique … Courrez vite l’acheter, vous ne le regretterez pas.”

”It’s absorbing, staggering, comic and tragic ... Run fast and buy it, you won’t regret it.
— Chronique santé intégrative

An Army Doctor's Memoir

Mission Afghanistan, the translation of
Médecin de guerre de l'Afghanistan à Paris, will be published by SparkPress in September 2018. 

For information about the translation, contact
Jessica Levine at jessicalevinephd@gmail.com

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Médecin de guerre de l’Afghanistan à Paris: La guerre sans front tells the true story of Élie Paul Cohen, a civilian emergency physician who was recruited to serve as an army doctor in Afghanistan. A pacifist in his youth, Élie had once refused conscription and military service in France. But decades later, a surreal sequence of events involving the Israeli, British and French intelligence services led him to join the French Military.

After two years of training, including time with the "Marine Commandos" and French special forces in Djibouti, Élie was deployed in Afghanistan as a liaison emergency doctor in Camp Bastion, the largest British Military base since World War II. His mission: to study Damage Control Resuscitation, a new treatment for polytraumatized soldiers, developed by British medics in Afghanistan, so that he might share it with the French Military Health Service.

Now back in Paris, Élie works in the emergency medical service, where he uses the protocols he learned to treat civilian victims of domestic terrorism. A memoir that reads like a spy thriller, Élie’s story offers a unique perspective on the conflict in Afghanistan and the medical challenges presented by the expansion of terrorism into Europe and America.